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Mayweather vs Deji: Live streaming results, round by round, how to watch, PPV price, start time

Floyd Mayweather takes on Deji in an exhibition from Dubai, plus Tommy Fury, Delfine Persoon, and Bobby Fish in action!

Floyd Mayweather will meet Deji in an exhibition today from Dubai
Floyd Mayweather will meet Deji in an exhibition today from Dubai
Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.


  • Floyd Mayweather stopped Deji in round six of their exhibition [Highlights]
  • Tommy Fury and Rolly Lambert did a bad six-round exhibition, then Jake Paul and the House Fury had a whole verbal confrontation
  • J’Hon Ingram and Kouzi did a (very entertaining) three-round exhibition
  • Jadier Herrera RTD-5 Franklin Manzanilla (3:00)
  • Jack Fincham and Anthony Taylor did an exhibition over four rounds

Floyd Mayweather will be back in the ring today in Dubai, facing social media star Deji in a pay-per-view exhibition.

The show will also feature real, sanctioned fights involving Delfine Persoon and 46-year-old pro wrestler Bobby Fish making what likely will be a one-off boxing debut, and an exhibition with Tommy Fury against Rolly Lambert, who replaces Paul Bamba, who was supposed to fight Fury in a sanctioned bout, but Fury didn’t make weight, or did but — whatever.

We’ll be here with live updates and coverage, with everything coming in this stream:

Basically, if you’re interested in what happens at this event but don’t really want to plunk down the money for it or find a way to steal it or whatever, we’ll be here with all the updates you could ever truly desire, unless you desire more than we give you, which I think would be more of your problem than ours. Like, how many updates could anyone really want? The answer is the amount we give you.

Anyway, I’ll be here. We’ll get what we get. Join us!

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