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Jake Paul: If Tommy Fury fights me, “I might actually kill him,” war of words erupts in Dubai after exhibition

Jake Paul had harsh words for Tommy Fury during Fury’s Dubai exhibition, and then everyone did a wrestling angle after it was over.

Jake Paul had harsh words for Tommy Fury during Fury’s Dubai exhibition
Jake Paul had harsh words for Tommy Fury during Fury’s Dubai exhibition
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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Jake Paul was ringside and on commentary for Tommy Fury’s exhibition bout with Rolly Lambert today in Dubai, and he spent most of the fight just roasting Fury, with whom he had fight dates scheduled in 2021 and 2022, but neither happened.

Fury was meant to be in a sanctioned fight with Paul Bamba, but weighed in 7 lbs more than Bamba, who then pulled out of the fight. Instead, Fury faced Rolly Lambert in an exhibition, going six, two-minute rounds.

Being honest, the crowd booed the “fight” routinely, and it was quite bad as far as “entertainment,” which is what the entire show was built to be.

“He thinks he’s his brother. He’s an Instagram model. He’s not a fighter,” Paul said at one point. “And if we fight, he’s gonna die. I think I might actually kill him. I don’t make light of that situation in this sport, but the kid shouldn’t fuck around. This is embarrassing.”

After the exhibition was over, John Fury, Tommy’s father, screamed from the ring to Paul at ringside. Paul called John a “miserable, fat old man” and an “embarrassment.” Tommy Fury then got on the mic and tried to call Jake into the ring, who responded that Tommy should come out to ringside.

Of course, neither thing actually happened, but they ran a good wrestling angle where Tommy was “held back by security” while Jake kept talking.

All of this might get someone in Dubai to pay to host a Paul vs Fury fight, despite Fury being utterly unwatchable in the ring, so if they succeed on that, and you’re someone who cares how much money other people make, then what an accomplishment!

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