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Munguia vs Coria full fight video highlights and results: Jamie Munguia knocks Gonzalo Coria out on body shot

Jaime Munguia dominated an overmatched opponent in DAZN’s main event.

Jaime Munguia used his size and power to stop Gonzalo Coria.
Jaime Munguia used his size and power to stop Gonzalo Coria.
Golden Boy/DAZN
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Jaime Munguia (41-0, 33 KOs) handled business like most expected tonight in DAZN’s main event, dominating and mismatched Gonzalo Coria (21-6, 8 KOs) before ending things just before the end of the third round. The opening round was rather slow as the noticeably larger Munguia opted to take his time and feel things out, but then by the second round it was clear Coria was in over his head, looking to hold more than he was looking to punch.

Munguia would clip Coria with a right hand in the second, which dropped him, and then in the third he launched an assault that included a body shot that put Coria down. At that point the look on Coria’s face made it clear that he no longer wanted to be in the ring, and the referee reached the ten count, making it a knockout win for Munguia with the stoppage coming at the 2:32 minute mark.

In the post-fight interview Munguia says he’s gunning for a shot at Gennadiy Golovkin next, which would be a far cry from the opposition he’s just recently been up against. We shall see.

Munguia vs Coria highlights

Argi Cortes SD-10 Erick Lopez

The DAZN co-feature had 10 rounds of action between Argi Cortes (24-3-2, 10 KOs) and Erick Lopez (16-7-2, 10 KOs), with Cortes winning a split decision on the official judges cards. This fight had Lopez coming in as the noticeably shorter fighter but he proved to be pretty damn crafty and used well time counters to officially drop Cortes twice along the way.

As the fight came down the home stretch, however, Cortes began to find a bit of a groove and racked up some points, also benefiting from a point deduction from Lopez for a punch landing behind the head. Despite a late charge in the final round from Lopez who tried to dig deep, he came up short on two of the judges scorescards, 92-95, with one judge seeing him as a clear winner with a 96-91 card. I scored the fight a 94-94 draw which, to me, would’ve seemed appropriate due to how poorly this fight was officiated. Be that as it may, my card doesn’t count, so it is what it is.

Diego Torres KO-4 Hector Morales

Diego Torres (16-0, 15 KO)dominated tonight’s action tonight, making great use of his left hand to dice up Hector Morales (6-2-1, 1 KO) before he absolutely crushed him early in the fourth round with a left that folded Morales backwards, ending the fight.

Torres started by coming out using his jab to establish his range and soon added in a left hook that started to do even more damage. In another questionable call, a late third round knockdown went uncalled but it was clear Morales was badly hurt. Then, in the forth, Torres jumped on a still compromised Morales and finished him for good.

Benito Sanchez D-10 Jose Garcia

DAZN’s opener was a ten round junior lightweight battle between Benito Sanchez (15-6-3, 3 KO) and Jose Garcia (7-0-3, 6 KO) that was closely contested throughout, with both fighters having their moments. The biggest and strangest moment in the fight was a round that feature multiple stoppages to take gloves and shoes, a head clash that left a cut on Sanchez’s head, immediately followed by a knockdown for Sanchez that went uncalled. The referee just let Garcia get up and continue fighting as if nothing happened.

Perhaps that greatly benefited Garcia by the end of the fight, because he had a strong second half of the fight and wound up in a unanimous decision draw with each official judge turning in cards of 95-95. Were the knockdown called, Garcia would have lost the fight on the cards, when I actually had him winning the fight on BLH’s unofficial card, 96-94.

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