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David Benavidez explains his plans to put a serious beating on Caleb Plant

David Benavidez admits he has a personal disdain for Caleb Plant which he’s going to use as fuel for training camp.

David Benavidez is set to face Caleb Plant in a 168-pound showdown.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Super middleweight David Benavidez joins Fight Hype to discuss his upcoming showdown with Caleb Plant. This is a fight that’s long been in the making but the terms have now been agreed, so Benavidez says he’s excited to put the work in training camp to ensure he does maximum damage to Plant on fight night. Check out some of what Benavidez had to say about facing Plant below.

Benavidez on his expectations for the Plant fight

“I know it’s not gonna be an easy fight, Caleb is a good fighter — he’s a good defensive fighter. But I feel like overall I’m stronger, faster, I think better, and I have more punching power. So I feel like everything I do is gonna work in this fight — body shots, speed, punches in bunches, combinations, and jabs. I feel like it’s all gonna work and it’s all gonna break Caleb Plant, and I feel like eventually I’m gonna get a stoppage in this fight.

“I already knocked his new coach’s (Stephen ‘Breadman’ Edwards) fighter out before, so I kind of have their blueprint already...I just gotta keep doing what I’m doing, throwing punches in bunches, combinations, and just be myself. It’s like I have to do anything different. I’ll probably gonna have to chase Caleb a little bit more, cut the ring down more a little bit, but I got more than enough time right now. I’ve been watching Caleb Plant for a while, these past couple weeks, and I’m just gonna keep watching him until I put a good game plan in place.”

On Anthony Dirrell managing to limit his punch output in the past and if Plant won’t be able to do the same

“I don’t think that will be the case because I have way more experience. At the time I was 22 years old and that fight was after a year suspension and the only fight I had before that was J’Leon Love and it only went two rounds, and it was a completely different fight. But now that I’ve been training way more and I have a lot more fights and a lot more experience so I kind of know what to do now. I feel like I’m in my groove right now...I have a lot of momentum.

“I’ve been training for almost three months and I still have four months to train, so this is definitely going to be the performance of my life, it’s gonna be the training camp of my life. I’ve never been excited to start training camp like’s gonna be a fun time, man, and I’m gonna be excited.

“I’m not Caleb Plant’s friend and I don’t want to be his friend, even after the fight. So I’m really looking to beat this shit out of him. That’s the only thing I want, I don’t care about anything else — I don’t care about fighting Canelo after, I don’t care about the belts, my main objective is going in there and beating the shit out of Caleb Plant.

“It could be done because Canelo already did it. So it’s not like it’s gonna be super hard to do. Canelo already gave the blueprint.”

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