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Gervonta Davis sounds off on Devin Haney and Shakur Stevenson, line them up next

Gervonta Davis may have some fights lined up but he says he’s got enough ammunition to take on all-comers.

Gervonta Davis wasn’t thrilled with the idea of Devin Haney potentially beating him in a fight.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Gervonta Davis has his next two fights lined up at the moment, with a January outing scheduled before a highly anticipated showdown with Ryan Garcia. But during an appearance on The Rize podcast Davis snapped back when a guest suggested Devin Haney could beat him in a fight.

“How you gonna keep me off of you when you ain’t got no power?” Davis asked. “Let’s talk about that: how you gonna keep me off of you if you ain’t got no power?”

It was then floated that there’s only three people that could potentially beat Davis in a fight: Devin Haney, Shakur Stevenson, and Davis himself.

“Yeah, you got the last one right,” Davis responded. “That’s the only person that could beat me, Gervonta Davis. That’s the only person. Them [expletives] cannot touch me, at all. They all been in the ring with me, and I cracked both of ‘em! I cracked both of ‘em.”

Then when pressed about rumors of Haney besting him in their last sparring session, Davis once again shot down that idea as well.

“He didn’t get no best of me. He didn’t get no best of me...and you know I sparred him twice. The first time his father took him out the ring. I almost knocked him out in Floyd’s gym, did they tell you that?! Did they tell you I almost knocked him out in the gym?

“If he want to fight, set it up. You can get in touch with him, right? If he want to fight we can set it up for after the Ryan fight. And that’s what it is. And tell Devin and his dad to get off my [penis].”

Of course this is a sport where pride is involved, and Shakur Stevenson didn’t like the energy Tank was sending in his direction and made it a point to call Tank out for his recollection of events. Tank and Stevenson would trade shots at one another in a series of since-deleted tweets, but it’s clear there’s no love lost between some of the top fighters at 135.

Now if we only couldn’t get more of them into the ring together...

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