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Derek Chisora won’t show everyone his penis on OnlyFans ahead of Tyson Fury fight, but he does have a new OnlyFans page

Derek Chisora has a new OnlyFans page, but says it’s not like that. You know, not porn.

Derek Chisora has a new OnlyFans page, but says it’s not like that
Derek Chisora has a new OnlyFans page, but says it’s not like that
Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Derek Chisora is heading into a third fight with Tyson Fury on Saturday, Dec. 3, and as part of the lead-up to the fight, he’s joined OnlyFans!

Chisora — who spells his name Derek in most places and yet signed up for OF with “Dereck” as the spelling to further confuse that thing — knows what people think of when they think of OnlyFans, and that, of course, is porn.

But OnlyFans doesn’t have to be porn, or even the suggestive hint that maybe someday there will be porn on the page, and more and more fringe celebrities are finding out that it’s simply another place they can get people to pay them for stuff that used to just be on YouTube or Instagram or whatever. In a fighter’s case, that can be training videos, training camp “vlog” updates, and so on.

The cool thing is, they don’t need it to be truly successful to make a little scratch, which I think you have to be successful on YouTube to make money off of it.

Anyway, Chisora promises he won’t show you his dick:

“As you know I’ve opened up an OnlyFans account. It’s not really the people think it is, about me showing naked photos. No, it’s not,” he said.

“It’s about my content on my upcoming fight with Tyson Fury. It’s showing you how I’m preparing for the next last week. Show you what I eat — show you what I eat. Yeah, right, it’s not that kind of thing. But you’ll be excited off what I’ll be posting.

“Once in a while I might slip a dick pic in there. I’m joking.”

Anyway, you can get five free days on Chisora’s OnlyFans page, which at this point basically leads you up to the fight, and then after that, I don’t know what it’ll be, maybe just a paid TikTok, basically. Maybe dick pics.

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