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Bill Haney makes good on threat, heads to liquor store in search of Teofimo Lopez Sr

Bill Haney said he would come looking for Teofimo Sr if he didn’t hear back about a fight between their sons, and went on to do exactly that.

Bill Haney backs up his previous comments by actively looking for Teofimo Lopez Sr.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

The father and trainer of undisputed lightweight champion Devin Haney just recently attempted to dial up Teofimo Lopez Sr in an effort to get him to agree for his son to fight them next. Unfortunately, Bill Haney was met by voicemail, where he would go on to tell Teofimo Sr that he intended to come looking for him if he didn’t hear back pronto.

Bill, a man true to his word — even if seemingly in jest at the time — backed up his words by going down to a local liquor store that Teofimo Sr apparently frequents.

“Hello, I’m looking for Teofimo Sr,” Haney said to the clerk as he entered the establishment.

“I’ve seen him. He come here but [he’s since left],” the clerk replied.

“He’s probably over there?” Haney replied, pointing down the street. “Ok. Tell him Bill Haney is looking for him, okay? I’m gonna go over here and look for him, ‘cause he been saying some things around town. I’m looking for him.”

“I know. He was here and he buy some stuff but I don’t know where he go,” the clerk said as Haney headed for the exit.

Haney would then make his way through the parking lot, asking pedestrians if they might’ve seen Senior before pulling on a gym door handle, only to find it locked. Thwarted again.

“Teo, I told you I’m not gonna be fuckin’ around with you,” Haney continued, looking for another local store where Lopez Sr could potentially be hiding. “Next time you listen to me when I call you. I done called you all day...I’m on yo ass, Senior.

“This is normally his line. He normally gets his liquor from over there and then the gym, and I think this is where he washes his clothes and stuff,” Haney continued as he surveilled the strip mall. “You got the Super Dollar store down there too.

“Teo, I can only say I’m closing in. The walls are closing in, buddy.”

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