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Chris Eubank Jr expecting easier fight against Liam Smith than he would’ve had against Conor Benn

Chris Eubank Jr says there’s nothing Liam Smith can bring to the table that will fluster him in their fight.

Chris Eubank Jr says his past sparring with Liam Smith convince him that he’s got nothing to be worried about.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Chris Eubank Jr and Liam Smith met on stage for an official press conference announcing their Jan. 21 fight, and Eubank Jr played the familiar role of villain before expressing his expectations for an easy fight against Smith.

“No, I don’t think this is gonna be a harder fight than Conor,” Eubank Jr said. “Conor was an unknown, he was unpredictable, young, and he was undefeated. That was gonna be fiery. I think Liam, I know what Liam is. There’s nothing he’s gonna be able to do that’s gonna confuse me or I’m not gonna see coming. I think it’s gonna be a much more controllable fight and one I’ll be able to win with a fair amount of ease.”

Eubank Jr would then claim that he only needs to come into this fight at 50% to be able deal with Smith, obviously less than the 60% he said he’d be for the Benn fight. Smith then responded to being largely dismissed.

“That’s just him being him,” Smith would respond. “If he wants to feel that way, come in 55%, I’ll wipe the floor with him.”

“50%,” Eubank said, correcting Smith.

“What are you paying Roy Jones for, then?” Smith questioned Eubank. “You didn’t have him for Conor...You come in at 50%, please do.”

“I think 50% of what I can be is enough to beat Liam,” Eubank would continue, doubling down on his proclamation. “Like I said, he’s predictable. There’s nothing that he’s gonna do on the night that I can’t foresee. He’s an old dog in the game. I guess I am too, but I know the fighter that Liam is, I’ve sparred with him. I know what he’s capable of and that’s why I say it’s an easier fight than what Conor was because we still don’t really know what Conor was capable of.”

Watch the full war of words in the video link above.

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