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Jake Paul update: Tommy Fury and Nate Diaz in his sights, Paddy Pimblett online feud continues

Jake Paul has Tommy Fury and Nate Diaz as possible next opponents, plus an ongoing saga with Paddy Pimblett.

Jake Paul has Tommy Fury and Nate Diaz as possible next opponents
Jake Paul has Tommy Fury and Nate Diaz as possible next opponents
Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Jake Paul plans to have his next fight in February, and currently has several irons in the fire as he tries to pick his semi-novelty boxing career back up from what can only be considered a disappointing 2021, where he only fought once, had more drama outside the ring than in it, and was admittedly disappointed with his own PPV numbers.

Paul sent public messages out to both Nate Diaz and Tommy Fury:

He also has an ongoing saga with UFC fighter Paddy Pimblett, who said that Paul’s fights are fixed. Paul has offered to spar with him and if Pimblett ... “wins sparring,” he will give him $1 million, or if Paul , uh, “wins sparring,” Pimblett has to join his fighters union idea that nobody has any idea how serious it is or if it’s actually organized or really going that way or whatever.

Pimblett did respond:

For what it’s worth, Pimblett is a 155 lb MMA fighter, though between fights he notably gets up around 200 lbs, if you want to count that.

For the Fury part of things, “Global Titans Fight Series” — who put on the Mayweather vs Deji exhibition in Dubai and had Fury a comical part of that card, where Paul and the Fury family yelled at each other a bunch — say they have not received an offer, but Paul’s promotional company say they will only deal with Frank Warren and Queensberry Promotions. This assumes Warren is still promoting Fury’s semi-novelty boxing career, of course.

So there you go. All the great Jake Paul updates you crave in one convenient spot. He also recently Tweeted about “The” Ohio State Buckeyes being absolutely demolished by the Michigan Wolverines on the gridiron, which made him upset.

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