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Terence Crawford responds to Jermell Charlo, would love a chance to shut him up

Terence Crawford talks about his upcoming fight against David Avanesyan and says he’d love a chance to get Jermell Charlo in the ring.

Terence Crawford calls out Jermell Charlo for his ridiculous comments.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Terence Crawford sat down for a video interview captured by Fight Hype where he gives his reaction to recent comments made about him by Jermell Charlo. Crawford also touches a bit on his upcoming fight against David Avanesyan, and how that fight came to be after his proposed fight with Errol Spence fell apart.

Crawford on his reaction to Charlo saying he’s jealous, broke, and owes his popularity to Texas fighters

“Something is wrong with that dude. He need to stay off whatever he on, because if I can recall, I was already a two-time world champion before he was even world champion — both of ‘em. So how somebody piggyback off my name when I was already the man? I don’t understand that. I was already on pound-for-pound list, I was already in talks to being the next best thing since Mayweather retired.

“So I don’t understand. I ain’t never heard of his name being in the talks of any of that sort of anything, so how can I be piggybacking off him and his brother’s name when I’ve accomplished way more than them in the sport of boxing? That don’t even make sense.”

On wanting a chance to fight Jermell Charlo at 154 and take his belts

“I would love to get in the ring and shut him up. The only thing he’s gonna do is cry afterwards. That’s all he do: run around yelling, angry, and mad at himself. But at the end of the day, my main focus is on David right now so I really don’t care what anybody else have to say about me right about now.”

On the possibility of him fighting Vergil Ortiz next if he still can’t make a deal with Errol Spence

“It’s very possible. He’s the #1 contender, he’s my mandatory. So of course that’s a very likable and possible fight to be made as well.”

On why he bypassed Ortiz (and Boots) who were ranked higher on the WBO rankings en route to making a fight against Avanesyan

“I have no idea. The names just came across the table and I just said ‘yes’ to it.”

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