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Nonito Donaire talks Dmitry Bivol’s recent win, says Canelo can’t beat him in 175 lb rematch

Nonito Donaire shares his thoughts on some big fights in boxing.

Nonito Donaire thinks the most logical fight to make at light heavyweight is Dmitry Bivol vs Artur Beterbiev.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Former world champion Nonito Donaire took some time to chat with Fight Hub TV about a number of hot topics around the boxing world including Dmitry Bivol’s latest win over Gilberto Ramirez, why he thinks Canelo doesn’t stand a chance in a 175lb rematch, and on the recently announced fight between Caleb Plant and David Benavidez. Check out some excerpts of what Donaire had to say below.

Donaire on Bivol’s clear win over Ramirez

“I think that (Ramirez) had a wrong plan going into it because he was placing himself at the mid-range where Bivol was powerful...Ramirez placed himself in the mid-range where Bivol was able to catch him and was able to throw those power punches instead on (Ramirez) pressing on him, pressing on him, being the bigger guy. That’s what I expected Zurdo to do but unfortunately it didn’t happen that way.”

On where Bivol should go from here

“Beterbiev would be the best fight. I think that’s the fight it has to be...seeing this fight I think he’s going to do really well against Beterbiev because of the way he thinks and the way he does stuff.”

On a rematch between Bivol and Canelo

“It might be a big difference (if it happens at 168) but 175, I don’t think Canelo has a chance because Bivol is just too big in that division...I think (Canelo) should take his to time to rest and heal up. He doesn’t need to get in there right away, but if that’s the case I think he goes for Zurdo. I think that’s a fight for him, but Benavidez is what people are gonna want.”

On Plant vs Benavidez

“That’s a great fight. I think that’s a helluva fight, that’s what people want to have and I’m looking forward to that fight. Caleb is a great, great boxer and I think that he can exploit weakness from Benavidez. But at the same time Benavidez can overrun Caleb like Canelo did.”

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