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Timothy Bradley reacts to Gervonta Davis criticizing his Hall of Fame credentials

Gervonta Davis called Tim Bradley ‘ass’ after he got inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Timothy Bradley answers media questions about Gervonta Davis shitting on his career.

Lightweight Gervonta Davis wasn’t shy about expressing his opinion on the induction of Timothy Bradley into the Hall of Fame, referring to Bradley as ‘ass’. So when media reporters just caught up with Bradley to get his reaction on the shade thrown in his direction from Davis, Bradley shot just as straight as usual.

“Check this out, dog. Listen to me, I don’t follow social media,” Bradley said. “I don’t know how to work it. I don’t follow social media, I don’t care what anybody say. I don’t care what Tank say because his opinion don’t matter. I’m in the Hall of Fame, Tank!

“But I will tell you this, all them dudes that you faced — all of them — I eat ‘em all up. I’ll eat every last one of ‘em up, all them dudes you’ve faced. Could you eat up all the guys that I’ve faced, though?

“That’s a different animal, bro. Come on, different beast, the guys that I’ve faced. But at the end of the day you’re entitled to your opinion. It’s all good. No harm, no foul, big dog.”

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