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Shakur Stevenson looks towards fight with George Kambosos Jr after being turned down by Isaac Cruz and William Zepeda

Shakur Stevenson talks about his upcoming plans as he’s made the move to lightweight.

Shakur Stevenson thinks it’s sad Isaac Cruz would turn down a fight against him.

Shakur Stevenson caught up with Marcos Villegas over the weekend and spoke a bit about what he’s got planned for his move to 135 lbs, mentioning that some of the names he’s been targeting have been flatly turning down offers to fight him. Check out some of what he had to say below.

Stevenson on when he’s expecting to make his return to the ring

“I should be back in March, probably even April. It may be Kambosos ‘cause Pitbull turned me down and Zepeda turned me down. I know from the rankings Kambosos is next, so I think it’ll be a Kambosos fight.

“I think it’s sad [Cruz and Zepeda would turn down the fight]. Boxing’s in a sad state where fighters can just duck and get away with it. I think the fans and everybody allow them to duck. I think nobody really got on top of them they way that if I were to do something like that, or Devin, or anybody that’s in the sport.

“If they do that, they gonna hop on their ass so I honestly feel like boxing is just getting sad at this point when they allow fighters to duck like that. I haven’t fought at 135 yet and [they’re ducking]. The bigger names, the dudes that got in there with bigger fighters before is saying no. So I don’t know why. I don’t know what boxing got going on.”

On how likely he thinks a Kambosos fight is

“I think Kambosos don’t got nothing to lose. I think he’ll definitely be the first person to take the fight. He’s tough, he didn’t mind fighting Teo, he didn’t mind fighting Devin, so I don’t think he’ll back down from a challenge.”

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