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Regis Prograis doesn’t believe Teofimo Lopez has what it takes to beat any top 140-pounder

Regis Prograis explains why 140 just isn’t the division for Teofimo Lopez to succeed.

Regis Prograis explains why he thinks Teofimo Lopez will continue to struggle at 140.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In the aftermath of Teofimo Lopez’s split decision win over Sandor Martin, 140 lb titleholder Regis Prograis explains why he has no doubts that Teofimo Lopez is in over his head at this division, saying that he doesn’t think Lopez can beat any top fighter in the weight class. Check out some excerpts of what Prograis had to say about Lopez below.

On Teofimo Lopez fighting at 140 and his power not carrying up

“I never thought that. I told people, I tweeted out ‘I don’t think Teo can be in the top of 140.’ I just don’t see him beating — like, listen, he was explosive, he was good at 135. He had the skills, he was fast, he’s explosive, he’s marketable, he had all the tools at 135. But at 140, it’s just that those five pounds really do make a difference.

“It’s crazy, people think ‘five pounds, that ain’t nothing’ but five pounds in boxing is five pounds of muscle, of strength and stuff like that, and I don’t feel like he can beat any of the top 40s. I just don’t see it. I can’t see him beating any of the top guys at 140. I just think the power is not there. Of course the speed will be there but the power is not there, and that chin, bro.

“I mean, listen, you gotta think, he got dropped by Kambosos and Kambosos is a little guy. And you’re talking about somebody like me? Listen, he got dropped by Kambosos, he got dropped by [Martin], I seen Teo get dropped in sparring before. Like listen, bro, this dude is coming up to this division and besides myself there’s a lot of killers at 140...I just don’t think he can hang. I definitely don’t think he can hang.

“I think he got caught up in his own hype, and that’s what’s wrong with him. And his dad got caught up. I think he needs to get rid of his daddy, bro. He has a lot of stuff going on, it looks like personally.

“Mentally he’s not stable. I saw the post that right after the fight he went back in the gym and started doing exercises and stuff like that, bro. If I look at that, to me that means mentally he’s not stable because he’s trying to prove to himself something, you know?”

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