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Teofimo Lopez denies questioning his ability, says he’s just trying to keep people talking

Teofimo Lopez is backtracking hard from a seemingly candid moment caught on ESPN’s cameras.

Teofimo Lopez wants you to believe he’s playing the public like puppets.
Teofimo Lopez wants you to believe he’s playing the public like puppets.
Photo by Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images

Teofimo Lopez might be in his own head even worse than we thought. After Lopez’s split decision win over Sandor Martin over the weekend — a fight many thought he should’ve lost — Lopez doesn’t want anyone to see the chinks in his armor.

In particular there was a moment captured by ESPN cameras where Lopez was questioning whether or not he still has it, and obviously with that perhaps showing a sign of weakness, Lopez posted to his Instagram stories that it was all just an act to keep the people talking.

“LMAO! I know I got it,” Lopez wrote. “Remember I give [you] all something to always talk about NOW! Remember this! Matter [of] fact screenshot it for receipts. Are [you] Dumb or Dumber?”

Now, no matter what Lopez posts on social media or says in interviews to come, the look in his eyes during that moment in time said it all. And the fact that Lopez feels the need to try and walk this back and make it seem like we’re all foolish or out of touch really makes me think he’s waging an internal war with himself more than ever.

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