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Regis Prograis questions what weight Adrien Broner will face Ivan Redkach, doesn’t even think he can make 147

Regis Prograis mentions that he just saw Adrien Broner, who is nowhere near 140lbs.

Regis Prograis isn’t sure what weight Adrien Broner could possibly be facing Ivan Redkach.

Regis Prograis talks to Fight Hype about a number of topics, including an announced fight between Adrien Broner and Ivan Redkach. Prograis, who is obviously not blind, says he really has no idea about what weight Broner and Redkach could possibly meet consider the size of Broner at this current time.

Prograis on Broner vs Redkach

“That’s a — I don’t know what kind of fight that’s gonna be,” Prograis replied. “Of course I favor Broner. But my question to Broner, I was with him — we was all together at the Crawford fight. I was at the press conference with him and Ivan, and, man, I don’t know at what weight they gonna fight at. That’s the thing.

“Ivan, he looks like he’s in shape and stuff. Broner, I don’t know what weight they gonna fight at, bro. They can’t fight at ‘40, I don’t think Broner can make ‘47.

“‘54, ‘52, maybe, something like that. Listen, I saw him, bro. I was with him, I was with Broner. I was just with him. Broner got a stomach on him. I mean, I know he can get it off but I mean, how long you been training?

“So I might need to give Broner my nutritionist number. I’ll help him out myself because me and him could do big numbers. If me and Broner fight it would do huge, huge numbers. If we fight in New Orleans, in the Superdome, we can do crazy numbers. So I want Broner to get as small as he could and I want him to be in shape. I want him to be at his best because me and him cool and stuff like that, but me and him could do something big.

“I’m not thinking about retirement but after he fight me he can go and hang the gloves up and he can retire, walk away in the sunset, get a big ass check, and just go home.”

On if he thinks a fight between Broner and himself is good on paper, but a mismatch in the ring

“Yeah, for sure! Hell no [Broner would’t pose any problems for me]. Nah. I don’t think Broner can fuck with me at all.”

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