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Frank Martin looking to dominate against Michel Rivera, says he has all the answers

Frank Martin takes on the biggest challenge in his career as he takes on Michel Rivera this weekend.

Frank Martin says he’s prepared for all eventualities going up against Michel Rivera.
Frank Martin says he’s prepared for all eventualities going up against Michel Rivera.

During today’s final press conference for this weekend’s Showtime main event between Michel Rivera and Frank Martin, Martin spoke to the media about having a stoppage streak he’ll look to keep going should the opportunity present itself.

“We definitely believe in ‘Man Down’. Protect yourself at all times. Because I can get you up out of there at any moment in the fight,” Martin said.

“Come fight night, we’ll see who’s stronger and faster. He may have more length, but we’ll see who dominates and who hits the hardest on Saturday.”

Martin would also mention how he’s done everything in camp in order to make this an easy fight, one where he can really show out and prove himself on a big stage.

“I’m ready and I’m prepared. I put in all the hard work in the gym,” said Martin. “Everything is done. Come fight night, I’m ready to put it all on the line. I know that I’m coming out with the victory because of all the overtime I put in while training.

“I’m coming to dominate. He’s a good fighter, but on Saturday night, I’m here to show him exactly what kind of fighter I am.

“This is the fight that’s going to get me to the next level. I’m not looking past Rivera, but my main thing is just to get in there and capitalize off the game plan and get the victory. Then we’ll keep going up from there.”

Assesing Rivera as a fighter, Martin admits he’s a solid all-around fighter that he’ll be facing, but that’s exactly why he’s prepared to make any adjustments that should become necessary throughout the course of the fight.

“Rivera is a good, balanced fighter. He can punch, he can counter-punch, and he’s got some finesse to him.

“He’s got a game plan and so do we. We’re going to be ready to adjust. No matter what he comes with, we’re going to have something for him. We’ve got all the answers.

“This is gonna be an action-packed fight. We’re two undefeated fighters that are super hungry. You’re going to see a lot of hunger in that ring. We’re going to come out and do what we do.”

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