Analyzing Usyk vs Joshua Fight 1 & 2

A lot of people are still wondering how and why Usyk was able to defeat Joshua in their two championship matches.

Fight 1

In the first fight Joshua lost because he failed to pay attention to one of the most important rules in boxing – never drop your right hand when you throw a left jab, especially if you are in a ring with a lefty.

Reviewing the tape of that fight you will note that Joshua was getting banged from jump street with Usyk’s left hand every time he made the mistake of lowering his right-hand glove when throwing his jabs.

Also, when bobbing to the left and right, Joshua was letting his right hand go down when bobbing to the right, leaving the right side of his head, creating a juicy target for Uzyk’s left.

To make matters worse, Joshua took to long in snapping his right hand to his chin after throwing it, once again giving Usyk time to launch his left, over Joshua’s right arm.

One would have thought that his corner would have seen that and made the correction. But no, from round one to the twelfth round, with Joshua against the ropes being pounded mercilessly, Joshua kept making the same mistake over and over.

Further, Joshua found it very difficult to breech Usyk’s iron-clad defenses and was probably surprised to see his opponent shake off the hard punches like brushing a mosquito aside.

Another little thing few analyzing this fight noticed is that neither fighter leaned against the ropes during the entire, besides its closing 10 seconds, where the bell saved Joshua from going to La La Land.

Simply said Joshua, not only lost. He got beaten.

Fight 2

In the second fight you could see Joshua had learned his lesson. No longer was he dropping his right like in the first fight. He kept it tight and close to his head and was able to block many of Uzyk's left hooks and haymakers.

He fought smarter, conserved his energy and managed to keep away from Usyk’s killer left for a good portion of the bout.

Joshua even came close to finally figuring Usyk out in the final round but by then it was too late.

Yet, Usyk fought the better fight, hitting harder, scoring with more powerful punches and craftier.

It was a closer fight than most would admit but when it’s all said and done, Usyk was the clear winner.

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