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Fury vs Chisora 3: Derek Chisora has no bad words for Tyson Fury heading into trilogy match

Derek Chisora essentially thanks Tyson Fury for giving him a big payday when no one else was inclined to.

Derek Chisora is set to earn a lot of money in a fight that many believe shouldn’t even really be happening.

Derek Chisora is known for his brash persona, but had a much more humble presence during the final press conference for this weekend’s fight with Tyson Fury. Chisora plainly tells the public that he doesn’t have it in him to try to bash Tyson Fury with mean words in the build up to this fight after he’s given him an opportunity nobody else would.

“When even my old promoter, Eddie Hearn, didn’t want to give me an opportunity, (Fury) called me up and said to me ‘I want to fight you, I want to give you a big payday.’ And I said ‘yes, let’s make it happen.’ And for me to sit here and try and talk shit and try to say so many bad things about this man who’s actually giving me food on the table for my kids — I cannot,” Chisora said.

“All these guys in the game, Frank (Warren) and these guys, they didn’t want me to be on this stage, do you understand?...but come on Saturday, I can guarantee you this, friendship will be out the door. Me and this big man are gonna get it on. I’m not gonna try to hold back for anything.

“So come on Saturday I’m gonna go to war. I’m gonna come, no two ways about it. As I said before, I want to take what’s his and make mine, physically and mentally. This is what I want, you understand.”

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