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Gervonta Davis thinks Ryan Garcia may be skipping tune-up fight because he’s juicing

Gervonta Davis explains why he thinks Ryan Garcia is using PEDs.

Gervonta Davis shares his thoughts on his upcoming fight with Ryan Garcia.

During a media interview captured by Fight Hub TV, lightweight Gervonta Davis fields a number of questions and doubles down on the possibility of Ryan Garcia using performance enhancing drugs, which is why he believes Garcia may be looking to pass up a tune-up fight. Check out some excerpts of what Davis had to say below.

Davis on bypassing tune-up to go straight into fight with him

“I think a couple reasons. I think that it could be him juicing and you know when you juice you have off cycles and on cycles. I think that’s why I was pushing for the VADA. Either that or he ain’t trying to beat his body up to get down to ‘35 or ‘40 and he just want to stick around at his normal weight and then once it’s time to fight me, then drop down. So it’s either that or him juicing.”

On why he believes Garcia is using PEDs

“He look bigger than he actually been over the years. Or maybe because he been drinking too. I know he been drinking a lot. Either that or him juicing for sure.”

On the important of making a fight with Garcia for the sport of boxing

“I think it’s very important. I think for him to actually step up and say he want to fight me — well we can’t say that just yet because the fight didn’t happen. So we know that he’ll say he’ll do something and do the opposite. So can’t say that until we actually in the ring but it’s a push start to the other guys fighting each other and things like that. So hopefully this opens up doors and it show that fights can be worked out and I’m not ducking nobody.”

On Oscar De La Hoya saying he thinks it’s a mistake for Garcia to skip tune-up

“Yeah, I think so. I would try to stay active but, again, we don’t know his situation, how he feel as a fighter. So I understand both sides. So if he don’t want to take a tune-up, I understand that part. But if it was me — I think, actually, he being lazy.”

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