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Gervonta Davis responds to allegations of domestic violence, says he’s not a monster

Gervonta Davis takes to social media to defend himself from a recent accusation of domestic violence.

Gervonta Davis says media outlets have rushed to judgement by vilifying him.
Gervonta Davis says media outlets have rushed to judgement by vilifying him.
Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Not long after the news broke of Gervonta Davis being arrested on a domestic violence charge, Davis reached out to the public through his social media in order to defend his reputation.

Davis, among other things, wrote a lengthy message in which he accused a number of media outlets of running with stories dragging him through the mud for only their own interests, instead of seeking the truth. Here’s what Davis posted, which I’ve taken the liberty of editing a bit to make it more coherent.

“Do not let these people misguide you all on this bullshit,” Davis wrote. “This was just yesterday, moments before me and my child mother had [an] argument! Watching frozen with my oldest daughter. I never put my hands on my child mother nor my fucking daughter, are you fucking crazy!

“I’m not a monster,” Davis continued. “I been quiet for too long. I don’t have media team, PR, good lawyer, spokesman, [none of] that. That’s the only reason I’m doing this now! Just to clear my name!I been doing this shit since on my own since I started this shit!

“These people put out so much stuff, aired this everywhere and have a fucking helicopter flying over my house now as I write this [because] they look at this shit as money to them and trying to get as much money as possible.

“They rush to my child mother offering her $50k just to [press] charges, like they did with my first child mother. So bad they couldn’t get her so they got a lady they [claimed] she was into the mess, also a lady that known for [suing] people for money reason. They got her! Which I have to pay $300K to and I didn’t lay a finger on her or even know what this lady looks like!

“They doing this for money to[o] and and also to destroy me! I am not a monster, I have two beautiful daughters that have to grow up someday and see this bullshit! They post the bullshit worldwide before anything. They even post a snippet of the police call which my child mother was crying on the phone [because] I wouldn’t give her my truck! Shaderoom, gossipinthecity, itonsite, and the rest of the internet blogs!

“Ya’ll bad for the culture! Ya’ll don’t care if it true or false, he did or didn’t, ya’ll just want to put it out there [because] it’s beneficial to ya’ll business.”

Davis is currently scheduled to face Hector Garcia in a January 7th PPV, but whether or not that goes ahead remains to be seen. It should be noted that Showtime Sports, who is the network involved with this fight, has previously taken a moral stand on these sort issues such as the time when they removed Rolando Romero from a scheduled fight against Gervonta Davis when he had been accused of sexual assault.

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