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Gervonta Davis confirms split with Mayweather Promotions, says no hard feelings

Gervonta Davis talks about stepping out on his own as he prepares to take on Hector Garcia.

Gervonta Davis talks about stepping out on his own with this PPV fight against Hector Garcia.

During the official press conference announcing Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis vs Hector Garcia, Tank took some time to chat with reporters who asked him about his current affiliation with Mayweather Promotions. It’s clear that Mayweather Promotions won’t be involved in this upcoming card, but Tank says it’s time for him to step out on his own to test the waters, beginning with this fight.

Gervonta Davis on having his first PPV show without the involvement of Mayweather Promotions

“This just a test run right now, just on my own type of joint. But much love to Mayweather Promotions, Leonard, Floyd, all them guys. I definitely appreciate them but I’m just doing my own thing now. I’m not saying in the future we can’t work together or anything like that.”

On his current relationship with Floyd

“Floyd out doing him, he always been like that. I gotta focus. He already did what he had to do. I ain’t gonna lie, me, if I had did what he did in the sport, I’d be the same way. So I don’t fault him for staying to himself and things like that, but it’s also a part of me to like come back and help too. It’s much love to the whole Mayweather Promotions, ain’t no bad blood type of shit.

“And a lot of people be thinking when I tweeting on Instagram I be mad. I just be talking, talking shit.”

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