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Teofimo Lopez says 140 is his division even without having a belt

Teofimo Lopez talks about his plans at the junior welterweight division as he gears up for a fight against Sandor Martin.

Teofimo Lopez says Regis Prograis will get the fight he wants, but he needs to first take care of Sandor Martin.
Teofimo Lopez says Regis Prograis will get the fight he wants, but he needs to first take care of Sandor Martin.
Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Teofimo Lopez sat down with Marcos Villegas of Fight Hub TV to talk about his upcoming fight against Sandor Martin, expecting a dominant performance, and goes on to talk about potentially facing Regis Prograis next after Prograis had some things to say about him on social media.

“We’ve been going back and forth somewhat,” Lopez said about Prograis. “I mean, when it comes around, it comes around. But I’ve been so focused on my fight December 10th, because everything means everything here. Every fight from this point forward is going to be my toughest fight, each fight, because of the magnitude of it. That’s why, it gets bigger. And with that being said, there’s more responsibilities.

“I needed to leave the 130 pound division because I no longer needed to lead by example there. I need to move on to a bigger thing which is at 140. Regis Prograis, you’re gonna get this work, don’t worry about it, youngblood. You gonna get it. So it’s all about just staying focused first right now against Sandor Martin.

“How is it that these guys are world champions and they’re calling me out? I’m not even a world champion at this division yet — yet, but I will be.

“They make their own bed and now they gotta lay in it. How you gonna say you gonna put me in the hospital? I get it, there’s terms, but I nearly lost my life last year because of that. So [friendship] is off the table now. Fuck it, if someone gotta go it ain’t gonna be me no more.

“Be considerate. If you’re gonna talk your shit, know what you’re talking before you talk it. I nearly lost my life because of that. Because of what, for the fans? Nah. It don’t work that way no more. And if you want to apologize, go ahead, then we could figure things out differently.

“But ‘til then, ain’t no friendship, anything. I don’t got no friendship with nobody. Anyone at 140, I don’t care who you are, you in my division, I ain’t in your division...And if you want to take me to the morgue, shit, I’m ready to go to the morgue. I’m ready. I don’t got nothing to lose. I lost everything and I still gained it all back. So did I really lose? I don’t need these guys, they need me.”

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