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Crawford vs Avanesyan final press conference photos and quotes

Terence Crawford and David Avanesyan square off this Saturday on PPV.

Terence Crawford and David Avanesyan meet on Saturday in Omaha
Terence Crawford and David Avanesyan meet on Saturday in Omaha
Tom Hogan/BLK Prime

Terence Crawford will defend his WBO welterweight title on Saturday night against David Avanesyan, as the two meet in Crawford’s hometown of Omaha, Neb., live on BLK Prime PPV.

Bad Left Hook will be here on Saturday with live coverage of the show, so even if you’re not ponying up the $39.99 for the event — which can be bought through traditional cable and satellite, plus BLK Prime’s site and if you’re looking for an alternate streaming option with proven performance — we’ll have you covered while you perhaps watch the Teofimo Lopez vs Sandor Martin card on ESPN.

The fighters, main event and undercard, met up on Thursday, and here are some quotes from their final press conference.


“I’ve been carrying Omaha with me everywhere I go my entire life, and when I fought here in the Golden Gloves nationals in the finals that’s when Omaha gravitated towards me. For me to continue bringing the big fights back to Omaha, means the world to me. There’s never been anything like this, I’m really excited.”

“I’m very focused and have been since day one strictly on Avanesyan. We know what he brings to the table, but we’re going to elevate it to a higher level. This Saturday we’ll be victorious, and going to have fun doing it.”

“I really can’t look at too much of who he fought and how they fought each other. When he and I match up we’ll be making our adjustments on the fly and we’re going to do what we do best, which is shine.”


“This is a big fight, a huge fight. I had a great camp, and I’m going to be giving everything to win this fight. Everyone is talking about Terence, I’m not only here to win this fight decisively but to shock the world.”

“Come Sunday morning, the news will be spreading that I raised the belt, and shocked the world. I’ll be getting to go back and see my family who I haven’t seen for so long, and return home a champion.”


“I can’t wait for Saturday. It’s my second fight in boxing after 18 years in MMA, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity. All of my supporters, team members, and fans are all behind me, I can’t wait to make them proud.”

“I’ve been training and learning to continue my boxing career. Learning the difference between the two at first was tricky but now it’s much easier. I’m hoping this sets me up for bigger and bigger fights in the future for my boxing career, and when that comes, I’ll be ready.”


“I don’t think there’s added pressure because of my opponent’s legacy in MMA. Right now she’s my opponent so that all goes out the window.”


“This fight is very important to me. After a great camp and great sparring, this fight is my next step to a belt. I can’t wait to get in the ring and prove that I should be next in line for a belt.”


“I’m always extra intense in studying my opponents. I think that I’m well prepared to go into Saturday, and with the favor of God we’ll get our hand raised at the end of the fight.”


“Not many know me, being that I’m so young in my career, at 7-0 with 6 KO, but it’s not always about the record. It’s about who you walk with, and I’ve had great opportunities in the sport of boxing to spar with some of the best ever, world champs, the who’s who of right now.”

“I’m happy to be in the supporting role of Terence Crawford, I know that I’m on my way up and looking to continue making a bigger name for myself in my career and it’s an honor to share the stage with the pound for pound best boxer in the world Terence Crawford. I’ll get to show him what Oklahoma does.”


“It’s not about my power, I’ve got skill too. I’ll be proving that Saturday night. This is a business trip, I’m here to win. I’ll be taking care of that business quickly and easily.”


“I was training in early 2021 and my Achilles just popped. At the moment, I thought my career is over. But now, after a long road back, I’m ready to put on a great show. From the walkout to the first punch to the last punch to the bell ringing, I’m ready to go out there and win.”

“I feel bad for [Ballard], and I’m sorry you had to sign this contract. I really hope he’s ready. I’ve been training really hard for this, so he better be ready.”


“I’m not coming here to play any games. I’m here to sit my opponent down, knock him out, and leave no questions for the judges. There’s no reason to get in the ring with a Detroit fighter unless you’re willing to risk it all.”

“I had the same injury [Nelson] had, but I didn’t sit back and think that I could have my career ended. I told myself if I can walk I can fight, so nothing was going to hold me back.”

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