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Amir Khan vs Kell Brook: Full open media workout

Watch Khan and Brook put on a performance for the public before their Saturday showdown in Manchester.

Khan and Brook showcase their current form heading into this weekend’s fight.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Today British rivals Amir Khan and Kell Brook held a big open media workout session for the media and the public ahead of this Saturday’s long-awaited grudge match, and in this video above you can get a glimpse of both fighters before they square off in the ring. The main event portion of the stream starts around the 1:52:00 minute mark.

As far as the main event goes, Kell Brook was the first to step into the ring where he went through a shadowboxing routine before take a few moments to talk to the commentary crew for Sky Sports.

“I’m smiling. I’ve done the work,” Brook said. “It’s play time now. I’ve got a hostile crowd but either way it’s King of the North, either way they’re coming out to watch us...A lot of people support Khan, a lot of people support me, that’s why this fight is so exciting...Can you see me? I’m always smiling and I’m a dangerous fighter when I’m happy.”

Brook was then asked about looking good for this weight cut and how he feels about making the contracted 149-pound limit.

“He’s made a big mistake. He’s made a big mistake by having me on for seven months, you know, with the contracts. But unfortunately for him I’ve been training in that time, that’s why I’m smiling now. I’m there with the weight, I could’ve made the weight three, four weeks ago. I’m there, very comfortable, very happy where I’m at.”

A short while later Khan would make his way into the ring to do a light shadowboxing routine before he took some time to chat with the media about Saturday’s fight.

“We’ve trained so hard. I’ve never trained this hard in my life,” Khan said. “There was never a day that I had easy...Come Saturday night, guys, I’m gonna do you all proud and win this fight, and win it in good style. Kell’s not got a chance, we’ve worked very hard and like I said, it’s the the best Amir Khan gonna come on Saturday.”

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