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Amir Khan vs Kell Brook: Trainers trade heated words at final press conference

Trainers Brian McIntyre and Dominic Ingle went at one another during today’s final presser.

McIntyre makes it clear he believes Brook doesn’t have much left in the tank when it comes to fighting.
McIntyre makes it clear he believes Brook doesn’t have much left in the tank when it comes to fighting.
Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Today’s final press conference before Saturday’s grudge match in Manchester between Amir Khan and Kell Brook wasn’t only a war of words between the fighters as both of their trainers started to trade words at the dais.

“You know how much Kell got left in the tank, don’t you?!” Brian McIntyre rhetorically asked to Brook’s trainer Dominic Ingle. “That’s why you didn’t come over and fight us in America, ‘cause you knew he wasn’t gonna do anything in that fight. So let me say something to you, the train of thought, the training, whatever the case gotta be — it ain’t gonna change.”

Then after a brief exchange between McIntyre and Ingle, Ingle would respond with these words.

“Former boxer, very good,” Ingle said of McIntyre. “Had a good knockout ration, 63%. Unfortunately it was him getting knocked out and that’s probably why it’s gonna work between him and Khan because he can probably talk Khan a way through them knockdowns that he had, psychologically.”

That only served to further infuriate McIntyre.

“What’s that got to do with them fighting?!” McIntyre retorted. “Now you want to attack me?! Them tactics ain’t gonna work, partner! Them two gotta fight, not me and you. He ain’t gotta fight me, Kell ain’t gotta fight you! That shit ain’t gonna work, man.”

So as it looks like the tensions between the Khan and Brook camps are beginning to boil over, that should only make for a more eventful night on Saturday when Khan and Brook square off to settle a dispute over a decade in the making.

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