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Amir Khan vs Kell Brook: Brook says he’s buzzing for fight, Khan trying to play the race card to turn public against him

Brook responds to Khan’s accusation getting racial during today’s final press conference.

Kell Brook gives his reaction to today’s final press conference with rival Amir Khan.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Following today’s final press conference for Saturday’s showdown between Amir Khan and Kell Brook, Brook takes some time to follow up with iFL TV regarding some of his final thoughts on the press event and the fight itself being only a couple of days away. Check out some excerpts of what Brook had to say below.

Brook on being the slight betting favorite heading into Saturday’s fight with Khan

“Well bookies don’t normally get it wrong, do they? Bookies don’t normally get it wrong. But listen, I’m really not too much into that. At the end of the day it’s me and him. It’s been talked about a long time, long time. There’s a lot at stake, bragging rights, all the best is in Britain and it means everything to me, this.

“I’ve wanted this fight a long time and we’re days away and I am buzzing because I’m happy that I know that I’ve done absolutely everything I could do to be in the best mental, physical place for this fight.”

On Khan seeming to get under his skin during The Gloves Are Off, and if it showed that he’s a bit rattled

“To be honest with you I thought it were a bit edgy, but to be honest with you it sells the fight...At the end of the day talk is talk, and it’s well evident that me and him don’t like each other so we’re gonna see a thriller Saturday.

“I’m just so happy that I can be vocal because whenever I’ve gone off like that before — because that’s how much passion I’ve wanted this fight — he’s always ran away from it. So, you know, we’re here now. It’s done.”

On Khan accusing him of getting racial when he referred to Khan as having a papadam chin

“He’s obviously pulling that out, going down a racial spree with me. Didn’t mean anything by it...all I meant by it, using the word ‘papadam’ is how easy a papadam is to break, and I’m just referring to his chin. So he’s going down the line of — he’s trying to get the people to be against me but listen, I’m not racist at all, mate. Look at the color of my skin, mate.”

On Khan’s trainer Brian McIntryre saying Brook will only bring four solid rounds of fighting before he tanks

“He got rattled up there and he’s saying that I’m good for three or four rounds — it’s all wrong. But the talkings over really now and you’re gonna see if I’m good after four, aren’t ya.”

On making weight for this fight

“There’s no weight issues. I’ve been good for weight for weeks. And listen, I am going in there to knock him out. I’m going there to put a show on. I’m not playing games. I’m going in there to hurt him and get rid of him. That’s what I’m going to do.”

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