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Amanda Serrano proposes twelve three minute rounds for Katie Taylor fight

Serrano says while they’re already making history, she’d like to make even more changes towards equality.

Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano will compete for the undisputed lightweight title.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

During a press conference officially announcing the April 30th undisputed women’s lightweight unification between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano, Serrano spoke on the dais about her wishes to turn their big event into exactly what it would be for their male counterparts — a full twelve rounds with three minutes of action as opposed to ten, two-minute rounds.

“We’re making history and I want to continue to open the doors for the new generation coming into this sport.” Serrano said. “I’m a woman for equality, and we all talk about equality at this table multiple times, and making history at the Garden — we’re the first women to headline — we’re making the biggest payday, both of us. Maybe we should just continue and make this fight iconic, make change in this game, and if Katie Taylor’s willing I’m ready and willing to make this an equal fight, twelve rounds, three minutes.

“I say if we want to make change we should be on the path for it right now, DAZN, making headlines, we’re talking, we’re getting interest, and this is all about equality. We should make the change right now. So Katie, are you up for it?” Serrano asked across the table.

Taylor was not up for it...

“I don’t really feel like that would make a huge difference in this event, it’s already iconic” Taylor responded. “The fact that the pre-sales are the best, the second best in history, says it already — this fight is even more important that we realize...the fight is already iconic the way it is.”

So there you have it! Serrano would later comment on her surprise that Taylor sort of summarily shot down the idea, but we still have a big fight in women’s boxing on the way.

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