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Jaron Ennis calls out Shawn Porter for calling him overrated, tells him to come out of retirement

Ennis wasn’t fond of Porter’s word usage during his most recent podcast.

Ennis wasn’t too pleased with Porter’s most recent assessment.
Ennis wasn’t too pleased with Porter’s most recent assessment.
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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Shawn Porter made a recent appearance on his podcast yesterday where he called fast-rising welterweight Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis an overrated fighter, saying he needs to back up the hype around him with some notable wins in the welterweight division.

“Boots is overrated,” Porter said on his podcast. “Boots is overrated and this is why I say he’s overrated: everybody is so hyped up on him but he hasn’t been in the ring with any world champion yet. And don’t forget I’m the one that said, well one of the ones that said this dude is the closest thing we got to Roy Jones. I’ve said that, I’m on record. I believe that, but at the same time every name that you throw out ‘Boots will smash him, Boots will smash him,’ damn, like let the fight happen and say ‘Boots smashed him’ or ‘man, that was a great fight, Boots did well.’ But don’t blatantly ‘Boots will smash everybody in the 147lb division.’

“I believe Boots is overrated in everybody’s mind because the way everybody talks about Boots. Everybody talks about Boots as if he’s going to smash everybody that he gets in the ring with, not giving anybody a chance. ‘Ah, Terence Crawford don’t want to see Boots, Errol Spence Jr don’t want to see Boots. Ugas don’t want to see Boots.

Ennis apparently caught wind of Porter’s comments and immediately fired back, telling Porter to come out retirement and meet him inside the ring if he’s really an overrated fighter.

“I heard you (Shawn Porter) said I was overrated. You was saying I’m ready & too much for these guys lol. And you said you won’t fight me but keep that same energy tho. If I’m so ‘overrated’ come out of ‘retirement’ & fight me...Now people retire and I’m overrated!!” Ennis posted on his Twitter account.

Ennis, 24, is most recently coming off a first round stoppage of Thomas Dulorme last October and is currently working on his next outing despite nothing yet being set in stone.

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