Matchup of sons of former big name boxers

Boxrec shows a fight scheduled on April 29th (2022) between James McKenzie Morrison (son of Tommy Morrison) and Hasim Rahman Jr. (son of Hasim Rahman).

Morrison is 19-0-2 (17, 12 in the 1st rd) and Rahman is 12-0 (6, 5 in the 1st rd). It is for the vacant World Boxing Council United States Heavyweight title. It shows as a 10 rounder. Neither was scheduled for more than 6 rounds previously.

Both of these fighters are very untested. Morrison's biggest win was against then 5-0 Sam Shewmaker 2 1/2 years ago while Rahman's biggest(?) win was against then 4-2-2 Mario Rodrieguez Juarez by majority decision.

Both fighters are 6'3" but Morrison tends to come in about 15-20 pounds heavier than Rahman. They are about the same age. Morrison is 31 and Rahman is 30.

Roy Jones Jr is promoting this and it shows to be televised on USA Fite.

Interesting matchup because of who their dads were.

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