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Tyson Fury looking to come in at his heaviest, most aggressive for Dillian Whyte clash

Fury says he’s absolutely coming to knock Dillian Whyte out.

Fury makes it clear that he’s not coming into Whyte fight looking to win a boxing match.
Fury makes it clear that he’s not coming into Whyte fight looking to win a boxing match.
Photo by James Chance/Getty Images

Now that we’re all set for Tyson Fury’s upcoming April 23rd WBC heavyweight title defense against Dillian Whyte, Fury is ready to get down to the business. Yesterday, Fury had to hold stage at the opening press conference all by his lonesome (with Whyte not in attendance), and not long after Fury plainly spoke to Sky Sports about his intentions for this fight. According to Fury, there’s no point in trying to keep any secret about his game plan for this match up, and that he’s simply coming to seek-and-destroy Whyte in emphatic fashion.

“I’m going to try and come in the heaviest I’ve ever been,” Fury told Sky Sports News. “Biggest fight - so I’m going to be the heaviest, strongest, fittest, more aggressive than I’ve ever been. I’m looking for the knockout. No secret, there’s no point in me lying about game-plans. What I’m going to do, is I’m going to come straight to the centre of the ring, back him up and land big heavy punches on him until he’s knocked out.”

Fury has in the past said some very similar things and proceeded to do exactly what he said, so there probably isn’t much good in simply chalking this up to pre-fight bluster. Fury is, after all, an imposing size and to come in even bigger and stronger against a guy who isn’t a mover could prove to be overwhelming.

But this is why they fight the fights, folks. What do you make of the matchup? Are you confident Fury will be able to steamroll his mandatory challenger, or will Fury adding even more mass prove to be a tactical mistake if it compromises his stamina?

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