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George Kambosos talks status of first title defense, says Devin Haney just has accept same deal as Vasiliy Lomachenko

A fight between Kambosos and Haney appears to be the next logical move.

Kambosos says he’s ready and willing to fight Devin Haney since Vasiliy Lomachenko unavailable.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Following the latest news that Vasiliy Lomachenko will remain in the Ukraine to defend the country against the ongoing Russian invasion, leaving him unavailable to take on George Kambosos in June, champion George Kambosos talks to Fight Hub about what he’ll do now.

Obviously, a fight against Devin Haney has been much discussed and the next obvious option, and Kambosos says he’s ready and willing to make the fight happen so long as Haney accepts the same deal that was offered to Lomachenko. Check out some excerpts of what Kambosos had to say below.

Kambosos on the latest news surrounding his first title defense

“Look, obviously everyone’s seen the news today. We’ve seen that Lomachenko decided not to leave now and I respect that, like I put out on that tweet ‘stay safe, stay healthy, do what you have to do right now, I understand, and then we’ll meet — two real champions will meet.’ But for now there’s another guy in the US that likes to talk behind the fence, well that fence is open now, let’s see how much bark there is.

“These big fights, I know people get impatient, they say ‘come on, why aren’t you fighting yet, why is there no opponent locked in or announcement?’ — we’re talking mega, mega-fights, stadium fights. I’ve been patient for 10 years in the pro game, to get my shot and I finally got my shot and made it count, so it’s coming. I’m fighting early June.

On what kind of response he’s gotten from Haney during negotiations

“Look, Devin Haney’s got a simple thing that he’s got to accept, the same deal like he said he would obviously for Lomachenko — the same deal he’s getting, (Haney’s) got to accept the same thing and we’ve got a fight. See you in Melbourne. It’s not that hard, it’s very simple. He’s gonna make a lot of money either way and we’re gonna put this to rest. He thinks for some reason I’m ducking him, why would I duck him when Lomachenko would stop him?

“Let’s just hope for the boxing world that he knows where the airport is, he’s got his passport up to date, and he’s not afraid of flying 19+ hours. Because it’s all easy behind a computer screen or a phone, or easy in the comfort zone in Vegas, but when you’ve got to get on that plane with a limited team and all your loved ones back home, and you got to travel all them hours, it’s a different time-zone and a whole different soil — then we’ll see what a real man he is, because I’ve done ‘em countless times. I’ve done it against the biggest and the best.”

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