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George Kambosos Jr responds to Ryan Garcia, says he isn’t yet deserving of title shot

Kambosos says his resume stacks up much better than Garcia’s to this point, and that Garcia needs to earn a fight against him.

George Kambosos says Garcia talks a lot but hasn’t even beaten a former world champion yet.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

George Kambosos Jr takes a few minutes to respond to Ryan Garcia sort of belittling his win over Teofimo Lopez by saying Lopez clearly wasn’t himself on the night. And with Garcia saying the lightweight division is salivating at a chance to take the belts off Kambosos’ hands, Kambosos responds as respectfully, and assertively, as possible.

Kambosos on being called out by Ryan Garcia who sort of downplayed his win over Teofimo Lopez

“Yeah, look, Ryan just likes to get involved in everything but he should be focused on getting to the gym instead of getting involved in other people’s business. He’s got a big fight coming up against Tagoe, still hasn’t fought a former world champion yet, good ol’ Ryan Garcia. So he has on Twitter that I’ve only had one big win. Well, that big win was a guy in top-five pound-for-pound, that was a guy that had all the belts. Prior to that I beat another former world champion in his backyard, and prior to that I beat another former world champion in his backyard. So that’s three — former champions, world champion, and guys in the pound-for-pound top-five.

“What world champion or former world champion has he beaten yet? None. Zero. So talking is easy, and I know he loves to talk. And look, he’s showed respect as well — he wants me to make all this money and look after my kids and family but that’s already said. You don’t have to worry about my kids and family, I’m a man, I worry about my kids and family, you just worry about your fighting and you just worry about getting to the gym. So I wish him all the best, I wish Emmanuel Tagoe all the best, me and Tagoe are good friends and I want to see a good fight.

“I’m not a is business and they want to get involved in my business and I’ll put my input as well, and if you want to make it happen come show me what my worth is and we’ll get that done as well.”

On if Garcia deserves a fight against him right now

“No. No, he does not deserve the fight yet. Go beat a former world champion, go beat a big name. And just because you’ve got a massive social media base with all the young kids doesn’t mean all the sudden you’re gonna jump the queue. There are bigger names, guys that deserve the fight, guys that are active, guys that are beating champions.”

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