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Shakur Stevenson looking forward to Gervonta Davis knocking out Rolando Romero

Stevenson doesn’t rate Romero’s skill set and says he talks a much bigger game than he can deliver.

Stevenson weighs-in on Tank’s upcoming PPV bout.

Junior lightweight titleholder Shakur Stevenson gives his take on the upcoming Showtime PPV bout between Gervonta Davis and Rolando Romero. Stevenson makes it clear in his response that he’s not a fan of Romero and is looking forward to watching him get pummeled by Davis. Check out what he had to say below.

Stevenson on his predicition for Tank-Rolly

“I think that Tank knocks him out. I think he’s gonna stop him with a body shot, and I pray it’s a body shot — I don’t like Rolly so I hope Tank beats the hell out of him...I would like (the KO to come) late for him to feel punished. I want him to feel punishment throughout the whole fight but if it’s early I wouldn’t be surprised.”

On why he doesn’t like Rolly

“You got to realize when people put on a front and they act like somebody that they not, I don’t really like it. I feel like Rolly is one of them dudes who really can’t fight, he’s not that good of a fighter, but he talks like he’s an A+ level fighter. If you hear him talk you would think he’s Floyd Mayweather and he’s not Floyd so I don’t respect, I don’t agree with nothing that he say. I think he’s a shit fighter.”

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