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Cody Crowley: I’ll bring pressure to Josesito Lopez, once I’m on you I’m like glue

Cody Crowley is hoping Josesito Lopez pushes him to another level on April 16.

Cody Crowley is looking to legitimize his status as a welterweight contender
Cody Crowley is looking to legitimize his status as a welterweight contender
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Canadian welterweight Cody Crowley surprised quite a few people with his December win over Kudratillo Abdukakhorov, and now the unbeaten 29-year-old southpaw will look to keep the momentum going when he faces rugged veteran Josesito Lopez on April 16’s Spence vs Ugas pay-per-view undercard.

Crowley (20-0, 9 KO) says his win over Abdukakhorov has not changed his outlook, and that he’s the same fighter he was before.

“The victory in my last fight didn’t change my confidence. I’ve had the same confidence since day one. What did I say at the last press conference? I told Kudratillo Abdukakhorov I was going to take him to deep waters,” he said. “What you saw was a guy who was sinking and drowning. That’s because of the high power pressure I produce every time I’m in the ring. It looks easy, and guys say they want to go toe-to-toe with me, but within a round or two, their backs are on the ropes.”

Lopez (38-8, 21 KO) has faced just about every style of opponent there is to face in his career, and Crowley respects that, but believes his style will win the fight and entertain the fans.

“I have a guy in Josesito Lopez who’s coming forward and who’s ready to sit there and bang it out,” he said. “That’s what I’m here to do. I’m here to give the fans the entertainment that they’re paying for. Every time I fight I make sure the fans are getting their money’s worth. I thank Josesito for taking this fight. Without him, I wouldn’t be able to get in the ring and paint the beautiful picture I’m about to paint. I respect him, but when the bell rings, the light goes off and it’s time to go.

“I bring a pressure that’s not fun to face. I make it so you can’t breathe and you can’t move your legs or hands. I’m like an octopus in that ring. Once I step in there, I’m on you like glue.”

Crowley is looking for Lopez, 37, to bring out the best in him. A win will further legitimize Crowley as a welterweight contender.

“I hope he brings another level of experience and puts me into a position I’ve never been in, because that’s going to bring out the best version of Cody Crowley. That’s what I strive for. I want to be in a position that I don’t think I can get out of. That’s when you will see what I’m truly made out of.

“At the end of the day I’m a scrappy, hard-working pressure fighter that just keeps coming forward. I would love to be able to showcase some of my boxing abilities. Normally I have to chase people down. I’m hoping that’s not the case with Lopez and that we can go toe-to-toe. But I’ll be ready to show off the boxing abilities that not everyone has seen.

“I have power, speed and aggression. The last 20 guys have said they were going to be able to withstand the pressure, but eventually, the pipe bursts.”

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