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Isaac Cruz: I learned from loss to Gervonta Davis, ready for Yuriorkis Gamboa

Isaac Cruz takes on Yuriorkis Gamboa on April 16’s Spence-Ugas card.

Isaac Cruz says he learned from his loss to Gervonta Davis
Isaac Cruz says he learned from his loss to Gervonta Davis
Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz turned a lot of heads with a tough challenge in defeat against Gervonta Davis this past December, and is now set to return against veteran Yuriorkis Gamboa on the Spence vs Ugas undercard on April 16.

Cruz (22-2-1, 15 KO) says he learned from the loss to Davis, but that it hasn’t inflated his ego any to have his visibility raised in a high-profile, hard-fought loss.

“I wish I had pressured more against Gervonta Davis. If I had knocked him down I think it would have been a different story and it would have been me with my hand raised,” he said. “Everything that happened in the Davis fight has made me better. My profile is definitely raised, but it has not gone to my head. I’m only focused on giving the fans the show that they crave and I know that I’m capable of giving them that.”

Gamboa (30-4, 18 KO) is 40 years old and hasn’t had his hand raised in three years, but Cruz is taking him seriously, knowing that the fight is a chance for him to get another win and stay in the 135 lb mix.

“I respect Gamboa and I thank him for the opportunity of getting to fight him. His resume is beyond reproach. However, I’m not here to lay down for anyone. I’m here to show that I’m one of the top fighters in the division,” Cruz said. “My fists are going to speak inside of the ring. It’s not for me to say whether one punch can change the fight or not, we’re going to see what happens inside the ring on fight night.

“Each fight is different. I’m going to be ready for anything that Gamboa has to offer. I’m getting ready with an amazing training camp and I’m looking forward to showing everyone everything that I’m capable of.”

“I learned a valuable lesson from the Davis fight. I learned that I need to be focused inside the fight at every moment. I’m going to show people that I’m the Mexican fighter that can rule the 135 lb division.

“I’m ready for however long it takes me to get this win, one round or all 12. I’m going to prove to all the top lightweights that I’m ready to fight any of them. If those fighters want to prove that they belong on the top level, then they have to fight me.”

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