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Errol Spence discusses training camp for Yordenis Ugas, potential future fights against rising welterweights

Spence says if Vergil Ortiz and Jaron Ennis keep on track they’ll soon be vying for world titles, and we’ll find out if it came too soon for them.

The welterweight champion discusses his upcoming unification bout.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Spence on what he made of Keith Thurman’s latest performance and if he’s still relevant in the division

“He always a relevant guy because he got a name. I thought his performance good, especially being off two years. He had a very good performance and he just gotta stay at it, stay focused, stay hungry and he’ll get back to the top.”

On having the most fun he’s ever had in a training camp

“Basically a different mindset. I actually be training like four, five months prior to today so that’s why my training camp been good, because my weight. I’m not blowing up in weight and i’m not wearing a sauna suit and just trying to lose weight and work against my body. This training camp I’m working with my body so I feel like I got a very happy mood right now.”

On why he didn’t opt for a tune-up fight before facing Ugas

“I just don’t believe in the tune-up thing. I feel like it’s on me, and to fight somebody like Ugas’ caliber is gonna push me to the next level, gonna keep me training hard. If I was just fighting Joe Blow or somebody I know I was gonna knock out, I’d probably be a little bit heavier, probably sometimes sneaking chips and snacks because I know that it’s probably not gonna be a long fight. So to fight somebody of Ugas’ caliber I know that I have to be prepared 100%, I gotta push my body to past his limit to beat a guy like Ugas.”

On what he thinks of rising welterweight talents like Vergil Ortiz and Jaron Ennis as potential future opponents

“Jaron, I feel like he’s very skilled, got a lot of talent, good reflexes. He can really fight, I like him. Vergil, he’s very good too and you can tell he works very hard, got his dad by his side — just like Jaron too, got his dad by his side — so that’s a plus too to keep them focused and on the right track. And if they keep focused and on the right track they’ll get a shot at these titles, so we’ll see if it’s too early (laughs).”

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