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Devin Haney responds to Teofimo Lopez saying his loss to George Kambosos was fixed

Haney says he’s started to seriously worry about Teofimo Lopez’s state of mind as he continues to push conspiracy theories about his loss to George Kambosos.

Haney worries Lopez may be showing signs of real distress.
Haney worries Lopez may be showing signs of real distress.
Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

WBC lightweight titleholder Devin Haney chats with Fight Hype about Teofimo Lopez continuing to spout conspiracy theories surrounding his loss to George Kambosos Jr. Haney says he’s starting to have genuine concern for Lopez’s state of mind as he believes he’s demonstrating some serious issues.

Haney on Lopez saying the Kambosos fight was fixed

“How can he say that it was written with me and Kambosos when he lost?! It’s not like went in there and got robbed, he really lost. He got dropped and he lost. George won fair and square whether he like it or not. The people that really watch know that George really won, so how can it be fixed when you lost?”

On Lopez saying it was a DAZN setup to pave way for him to become undisputed when he’ll now be fighting on ESPN

“He said DAZN set it up or something like that, it was setup through DAZN, but I’m fighting on ESPN. So he can say what he want to say. I told you guys he was delusional before and it’s starting to show. Like, something’s wrong. Like he might need to get some help or something because I’m worried about him for real.

“I truly think something is wrong because he really believes — he said something about a decision, it was already made. Bro, you lost. And you’ve got to acknowledge that to get better or to go out and get more. Understand you lost to the better man that night and you keep it pushing, you go back to the drawing board, and you get back to the top.”

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