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Chocolatito Gonzalez vs Julio Cesar Martinez update: Martinez misses weight, fight depends on Saturday morning weigh-in

Julio Cesar Martinez’s inability to make weight today has put Saturday’s fight with Chocolatito Gonzalez in danger of being canceled.

Julio Cesar Martinez has to make weight Saturday or his fight with Chocolatito Gonzalez is off
Julio Cesar Martinez has to make weight Saturday or his fight with Chocolatito Gonzalez is off
Ed Mulholland/Matchroom
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UPDATE (6:19 pm ET): Saturday night’s DAZN main event between Chocolatito Gonzalez and Julio Cesar Martinez is on — for now.

With Martinez weighing in at 116.4 lbs and missing the 115 lb limit today, the fight going on tomorrow night now depends on Martinez making a different weight on Saturday morning at 9 am PT. The “limit” is 10 percent more than the fight’s contracted limit, so he cannot be over 126½ lbs, but that’s just to the point he faces a fine. The real limit to be worried about for most of us on Saturday morning — and for Matchroom and the fighters — is 132¼ lbs, because if he’s over that, the California commission has to cancel the fight, period. That’s a very generous re-hydration, so expect the fight to go on, albeit with plenty big enough an asterisk as it is.

Also, Matchroom posted cool fire emoji ceremonial weigh-in footage that listed Martinez’s weight but basically ignored that it’s not, you know, on weight, because it’s always kinda worth insulting people whenever you can if you’re a boxing promoter.

Julio Cesar Martinez did not make weight in two attempts today, putting Saturday night’s planned DAZN main event against Chocolatito Gonzalez in danger of being canceled.

Martinez, who was coming up from 112 lbs for the fight, was reportedly “well over the limit” at the official weigh-in earlier today — the one that will stream on DAZN and social media in about an hour is a “ceremonial” weigh-in, and for what it’s worth, nobody else on the card missed weight. Gonzalez came in at 114.7 lbs for the 115 lb fight.

The Ring’s Dougie Fischer says that Chocolatito’s side are willing to go through with the fight, Martinez will have to make weight at a mandated Saturday weigh-in, or else the California commission will have no choice but to cancel the fight. Jake Donován says there’s more going on than just that, and that the fight is “officially in jeopardy.”

For what it’s worth — likely nothing — flyweight titleholder Sunny Edwards says he will seriously rush over to to San Diego for the fight:

I mean, he’s not gonna get called in on 36 hours notice for sure, too many hoops to jump through with Probellum and MTK, the California commission, actually getting him there, but Sunny chucked it out into the world so there’s the mention of it.

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