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Jermell Charlo reacts to the idea of fighting Terence Crawford

Charlo says Crawford needs to humble himself and make some big fights at 147 before looking up the scale.

Charlo says Crawford is better off looking for fights at 147.
Charlo says Crawford is better off looking for fights at 147.
Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Jermell Charlo was on TikTok talking to his fans when he stated talking about the idea of Terence Crawford potentially moving up to 154lbs and whether or not he’d be up for a match like that. Charlo, who is currently set to rematch Brian Castano on March 14, advised Crawford to stay at 147 where he believes he still has unfinished business.

The video below is spliced together, but check out some of what Charlo had to say about Crawford below.

“Crawford — my dog lives in Omaha, I know how Omaha rolls. Ya’ll ain’t never seen no real shit like this shit here. How about he do what’s best and go fight Errol Spence then! Shut up, take a little bit less money, be quiet, humble yourself, and fight Errol Spence — he a stud.

“Be the challenger sometimes. Bob Arum don’t give a damn about him. Bob Arum told him to his face, he done got lawsuits with his own promoter. You ain’t worth shit to me, for real.

“You got Ennis, you got Garcia, you got Thurman, you got people making a name for theyself in your own division. Sit yo ass in your weight division and see if you can beat one of them, ‘cause fuckin’ with me you gonna get knocked the fuck out! I’m a knockout artist, baby.”

Crawford is currently in an awkward position where he doesn’t have the promotional affiliation to easily land him a fight against some of the biggest welterweight names at the moment, and this has caused him to at least consider potential options the next weight class up. Of course someone like Charlo (who is affiliated with PBC just like Spence) would likely pose of the same challenges with regards to negotiations, but clearly Charlo isn’t all that interested anyway.

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