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Tony Harrison expresses interest in fighting Tim Tszyu, willing to travel to Australia

Harrison is prepared to pack his bags for a trip Down Under.

Harrison welcomes a trip abroad for a big fight.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Super welterweight Tony Harrison took a few minutes to catch up with Fight Hype and talk about potentially making a fight against Tim Tszyu, who is coming off a win over Terrell Gausha. Harrison, who just came off a win over Sergio Garcia, says he’s fully open to making that fight against Tszyu, and is so confident he can exploit the holes in his game that he’s ready to hop on a flight to Australia to make it happen. Check out some of what Harrison had to say below.

On Tim Tszyu’s most recent performance

“I thought he had a good showing,” Harrison said. “I thought he had a good showing, like the whole way through, consistently, he stayed true to what he’s true to. But, it’s so many lapses in that man’s game. Man, I wanted to take that fight in Australia so, god damn. Like it’s so many lapses, so many loopholes in that man’s game — don’t see him getting to the top and being the champ.”

On his interest in fighting Tszyu next

“Anybody’s an option, man. I don’t really duck fights. As long as paper right — I would’ve loved to fight him in Australia. If that fight is going to be made for me, take me to Australia. I want to go to Australia. Take me on a vacation. Let me travel across the world and fight somebody that ya’ll want me to fight, I’m cool with that...let me see the kangaroos and rattlesnakes and shit like that, I want that. I want to fight him, but I want to fight him over there.

“The fight was always appealing to me and I’d love to do it in his hometown.”

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