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Erickson Lubin: I’ll be back after Fundora loss, ain’t no quit in me

Erickson Lubin has come back strong from one loss, and vows to do so again.

Erickson Lubin is confident he’ll bounce back from a second loss
Erickson Lubin is confident he’ll bounce back from a second loss
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Erickson Lubin took the second loss of his career this past Saturday, stopped after nine rounds when his corner waved the towel after a hard-hitting war with Sebastian Fundora.

Lubin (24-2, 17 KO) was down in the second round against the 6’5” or so “Towering Inferno,” but did come back to score his own knockdown in round seven. It was sustained damage on Lubin that made trainer Kevin Cunningham make the tough call, and it was probably the right one. At 26, the southpaw “Hammer” has time to bounce back, which is exactly what he says he’ll do.

Lubin thanked his fans and supporters on social media, and added, “I’ll be back, ain’t no quit in me. Lord knows he made me special.”

Judges had the fight 85-84 on two cards in Lubin’s favor, with the third at 85-85, at the time the bout was stopped.

The loss snapped a six-fight winning streak for Lubin, who was stopped in one against Jermell Charlo in a WBC title fight back in 2017. Lubin had reestablished himself as a serious contender at 154 lbs, and he is still one; a loss to Fundora is not the end of the world, and given how exciting and dramatic the fight was, it’s one we could see again down the line, possibly with a belt or two on the line in the future.

The last time we saw Lubin take an L, he did bounce back as a better fighter. We’ll see if he does the same this time around.

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