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Timothy Bradley makes predictions on Fury-Whyte, Canelo-Bivol, Valdez-Stevenson, and Spence-Crawford

Bradley gives his quick breakdown on some of the biggest upcoming fights in the sport.

Bradley shares his perspective on some big fights in boxing.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Timothy Bradley takes a few minutes to take to Fight Hub TV about a few of boxing’s biggest fights, which are either on the docket or at least expected to happen to this year.

Check out some of Bradley’s quick breakdowns on Fury vs Whyte, Canelo vs Bivol, Valdez vs Stevenson, and Spence vs Crawford.

On Fury vs Whyte

“I think (Fury beats Whyte). Without a doubt. He just needs to be careful, that’s it. He just needs to be careful. If he pays homage to his defense after he punches he should be fine. I think Fury’s just a better fighter all the way across the board. Dillian’s a fantastic fighter, he really is, but Fury’s just bigger, longer, smarter, and has more tools in his bag of tricks. So I’m gonna go Tyson Fury (by knockout), right hand or uppercut.”

On Valdez vs Stevenson

“I don’t really want to count out Oscar Valdez, I think he has a puncher’s chance. I think Shakur Stevenson has a brilliant mind and brilliant boxing IQ so I would have to lean more to the boxer here, Shakur Stevenson. I think he’s going to move, do what ever it takes — punch, counter punch — do whatever it takes to kind of isolate Oscar Valdez in his game and what he brings. I would say Shakur Stevenson, eight rounds to four, I think he wins the fight.”

On Canelo vs Bivol

“I have to say it’s Canelo. I’ve said in the past that Bivol does have a chance and he does, he really does, but what he needs to do is stay off the ropes. If he stays off the ropes to keep the fight at the center of the ring then he’ll have a really good chance of beating Canelo because he’s quick, he’s strong, he’s powerful, he understands how to fight against the high guard Canelo uses. He likes to punch in between, he can punch in between that guard of Canelo and come around it as well. And just good footwork, in and out movement, kind of confuse Canelo.

“But, gotta stay off those ropes. If you don’t stay off the ropes it could be night night for Bivol. I think that’s where it’s gonna be most dangerous for him, is against the ropes.”

On Spence vs Crawford

“I’m going Terence Crawford by knockout, either nine or 10. You know what, I think I said 11 rounds to my buddy. I’m going Terence Crawford knockout. I just think he has more to him, man — switch southpaw, right handed, can punch, supreme accuracy and timing...Crawford, that’s my guy. I’m gonna stick with Crawford.”

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