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Tommy Fury: Jake Paul is useless, can’t fight, I don’t even need a training camp for him

Tommy Fury still wants Jake Paul, taunting the internet sensation at Thursday’s Fury-Whyte undercard press conference.

Tommy Fury still wants a fight with Jake Paul
Tommy Fury still wants a fight with Jake Paul
Nick Potts and Adam Davy/PA Images via Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Tommy Fury nearly had a fight last December with Jake Paul, but when that fell through and Paul instead rematched Tyron Woodley, Tommy lost his place in line for the Jake Paul Sweepstakes, and his chance to be the first actual pro boxer — of any level — to face Paul in the ring.

But the 22-year-old Fury will return Saturday on half-brother Tyson’s undercard, and Jake has said that an impressive knockout from Tommy could put him back in the mix to face Paul next.

Tommy said that wasn’t going to sway how he approaches his upcoming bout, then dug in with slams against Paul’s boxing ability and competition to date.

“I don’t let anything come into my mind to disrupt what I’m going to do. Jake Paul’s not come to my mind once,” Fury said at Thursday’s undercard press conference. “To hear all this talk about him saying he doesn’t fancy the fight anymore, then he fancies the fight, then I’m a potential opponent, then I’m not — get your facts straight before you speak my name, and if you want to fight, let’s get on and do it.

“I’m ready whenever, because I don’t need a training camp for him. It’s very unfortunate what happened to me in December, because if December had gone through, you wouldn’t be hearing his name ever again in boxing, because he is useless. He cannot fight and there is no chance in hell he beats me. I do not even need to train for him.

“Let me get Saturday out of the way, a massive performance, a great knockout what I’m planning on doing, and when I’m on the couch eating pizza, burgers, and donuts, what I love to do, let him give me a call and I’ll be there the next, because I do not need to train for him.

“This man can’t fight. That’s why he’s dodging everybody who’s a boxer, that’s why he’s fighting 60-year-old UFC fighters that nobody wants to see. He got very low pay-per-view numbers last time. If he wants the big numbers, he knows where to come, let’s get it on. But until then, don’t talk if you don’t want to fight.”

Tommy also downplayed Paul’s December knockout of Tyron Woodley, and said that his opponent on Saturday, Daniel Bocianski, will be more difficult for him than Paul would be.

“I’m not interested in what Jake Paul does,” he said. “It’s easy to get a knockout over somebody who’s over the hill and 45 years old in Tyron Woodley. It’s very easy to knock him out, he doesn’t move his head or throw a punch.

“I’ve got a live opponent coming over. I think he’s 26 or 27, he’s 10-1, he’s coming over for a fight, and he’s a natural boxer. These guys that Jake Paul is fighting, they’re not boxers. This guy I’m fighting on Saturday night would wipe the floor with Jake Paul. He’s probably been fighting all his life, had a ton of experience. So this is a harder fight for me on Saturday than Jake Paul would ever be. If he wants to fight, he knows where I am. I’m not hard to find.”

Bocianski, for the record, is a 27-year-old Polish fighter who is 10-1 (2 KO) after losing his last fight in March 2021 to Patryk Szymanski via fifth round TKO.

Also for the record, Woodley was 39 when he rematched Paul in December. It’s not a huge difference and I know Fury was being hyperbolic, but just to have it totally straight and all that.

Fury and Paul were set to fight in December, but Fury pulled out just a couple weeks prior, blaming a chest infection and rib injury. He stated then that he wanted to reschedule the fight at some point.

Paul, who is 5-0 (4 KO) in his brief, largely gimmicky boxing career, hasn’t made any reported concrete plans for a return to the ring, and at the moment has been legitimately focused on his work co-promoting the upcoming Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano fight, April 30 on DAZN, where he has done a sincerely good job raising Serrano’s profile to a far higher level than it has ever been in her decorated pro career.

Bad Left Hook will have full live coverage including round-by-round for Fury vs Whyte on Saturday, April 23, starting at 2 pm ET (7 pm BST), with the Fury-Whyte main event expected around 5 pm ET.

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