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Brian Castano: I want to knock Jermell Charlo out, I’m going to break him and make him suffer

Brian Castano wants to leave no doubts in his rematch with Jermell Charlo.

Brian Castano says he’s coming for the KO against Jermell Charlo in their rematch
Brian Castano says he’s coming for the KO against Jermell Charlo in their rematch
Photo by Edward A. Ornelas/Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Brian Castano and Jermell Charlo fought to a disputed draw in their July 2021 fight, which was for the undisputed championship at 154 lbs, and left that throne vacant for the time being.

On May 14, the two will go at it again on Showtime, with Castano (17-0-2, 12 KO) looking to put an exclamation point on it this time around.

“Charlo knows that he’s going to have his hands full and that I won the first fight. I like to do my talking inside the ring, but I will say that I’m a warrior and I’m going to show that I’m worthy of this victory. I don’t care what Charlo says, I’m going to be ready for whatever comes my way,” he said at their virtual press conference.

“I want the knockout. I need it and I crave it. That’s my chance to redeem myself and prove that I should have won the first fight outright. I went into his home state and turned the crowd against him.

“I want the respect that I’m warranted and that I should be given from him. The first fight was a close fight, but the second fight is going to be even worse for him, because I’m knocking him out.”

Castano, 32, won the WBO junior middleweight title in Feb. 2021 when he dominated Patrick Teixeira, and wants to pick up the WBC, WBA, and IBF belts held by Charlo (34-1-1, 18 KO).

“This is what every fighter dreams of. This is what we all set out to do. You build your legacy fight by fight, then you get an opportunity like this and you have to make the most of it. I want to show the people around the world that I’m a winner,” he said.

He also hasn’t taken kindly to Charlo’s usual trash talk, stating, “It’s all about me and him inside of the ring. I’m going to make him pay for everything he said and everything that happened in the first fight. I’m going to break him and I’m going to make him suffer.”

It may be worth noting that Charlo will not have true home field advantage this time. Last time around, they fought in San Antonio, in Charlo’s home state of Texas, while this time Argentina’s Castano will get at least a slightly more neutral ground in Carson, Calif. — at a venue known for great fights, and Castano aims to add to the building’s boxing legacy.

“This is going to be an electrifying fight. My only objective is to walk out of there with four belts. You won’t want to miss two fighters leaving it all on the line in the ring,” he said.

“A victory will make my dream come true. When you’re in the prime of your career and you have a chance like this, you just can’t let it go. I have the opportunity and I’m going to make the most of it.”

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