Reason why boxing scorecards are all over the place!

This is a light-hearted boxing joke, but please bear with me.

Scorecards can be all over the place. Who haven't seen an awful scorecard? My personal top scorecard in this aspect was Canelo-GGG I (118-110) (relatively new boxing fan here!)

People attribute this to utter incompetence. Like seriously, I could score fights better than most pro judges while being drunk and high. But perhaps worse, corruption has also been mentioned as a reason.

But I figured out the reason for these poopoo scorecards! In a sport marred by issues like corruption, doping, money laundering, fixed judges etc, it is arguably matchfixing that takes top spot.

My scientific hypothesis is that boxing judges have taken it upon themselves to rid the sport of the atrocity that is matchfixing by throwing the occasional curve ball here or then when they score fights. What criminal would dare place huge bets on boxing matches when scorecards can range from 120-106 to 103-110 in the same match?

I should thank Adalaide Byrd and other seemingly incompetent boxing judges. She has done us a tremendous service.

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