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Eddie Hearn calls out Jake Paul on his world title aspirations, both agree for Paul to face a ‘real boxer’

Eddie Hearn and Jake Paul go back and forth on his career ceiling, with Paul believing he has it in him to win a world title.

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Hearn and Paul speak during the final presser for Taylor-Serrano.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

During the final press conference for tomorrow’s big fight between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano, their respective promoters Eddie Hearn and Jake Paul fielded some media questions about the fight before some questions were posed about Paul’s future in boxing.

Paul, who has cited world title aspirations, was promptly shut down by Hearn who said right in front of Paul that he doesn’t think he’ll ever come close. Check out how that part of the conversation went down.

“Everyone’s entitled to have a dream,” Hearn said about Paul wanting to become world champion. “No, seriously. I’m being serious. I think there’s absolutely no way he can beat a world champion and become world champion. But I will say he’s improving a lot, he’s dedicated to the sport. I don’t know how good he is because he hasn’t really faced a real fighter yet.”

Paul would then jump in to make a point of clarification in his own defense.

“A five-time world champion in Tyron Woodley is a real fighter,” Paul would counter.

“He’s not a real boxer,” Hearn responds. “He’s not, Jake.”

“Well the first skill in MMA is boxing, he won the UFC championship with a right hand,” Paul came back. “Do you consider Tommy Fury a real boxer?”

“Yes, but not in terms of ability.” Hearn said.

“So what defines a ‘real boxer’?” Paul questioned.

“What I’m saying is Usman does not qualify to give you any right to talk about you fighting for a world title. And nor does Tommy Fury, actually,” Hearn replied. “But I’ll give you the props, I give you the respect, you’re improving all the time but the proof will be in the pudding. I think Jake Paul is better than some fighters, but I don’t believe you will ever get close to being a world class fighter.”

“I believe that I would beat anybody that’s on your roster that’s under 10 fights. Anyone,” Paul said. “Any one of your fighter that has under 10 fights, easy. Literally any weight.”

“Perfect, I’ve got about 400 of ‘em.” Hearn responded.

“Give me your best ‘real boxer,’” Paul demanded.

“Ok, Cheav Clarke, 1-0, right. Boxed in the Olympics, didn’t medal, 1-0, just had one professional fight. He’s a cruiserweight. You can have him...”

“Let’s do it. I already said I’m down. We’re betting a million dollars (on Taylor-Serrano) and I’m taking anyone on your roster with under 10 fights, no problem. And that’s right now, too. Just give me a couple years bro, ooohh, I’m coming for your boy Canelo. I’m coming for Canelo, that’s on God.”

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