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Video: Jake Paul heckled by boxing fan at Taylor vs Serrano Q&A with Eddie Hearn

Jake Paul fielded a few baiting questions, but mostly handled himself well as a Taylor-Serrano co-promoter.

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Jake Paul and Eddie Hearn, who are co-promoting Saturday night’s Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano fight, took part in a Q&A with fans in New York today prior to the Taylor-Serrano weigh-in, which was a mixed bag for Jake Paul.

Paul didn’t get it quite as bad as he might have reasonably expected, but he did get a little bit of heckling from fans taking the microphone to ask questions. In particular, this exchange:

Q: “Do you suffer from imposter syndrome?”

Paul: “The answer is negative, sir.”

Q: “You don’t understand the question.”

Paul: “I don’t know what’s going on.”

Other than that, Paul was asked who cuts his hair, which he said he doesn’t even know the dude’s name (thinks it’s Jason), and avoided a strange attempt by some dude to make a bet with him.

Paul was also asked, likely by a member of William Langston’s team, if he would fight William Langston next, if Langston beats Khalil Coe. He also fielded a question about fighting David Nyika.

He tried to sort of play off the Langston request, understandably, and when asked about Nyika — a 2020 Olympic bronze medalist from New Zealand with a 2-0 (2 KO) pro record so far — he responded, “I don’t know who these people are. Like, any of these people.”

That might sound lousy, but to be fair, most people don’t know who any of these people are.

“Everyone has to get in line,” Paul said. “I think everyone wants to fight me to be the person who knocks Jake Paul out and make a bunch of money. So it’s really a long list.”

The latter part is true, lots of people do want to knock out Jake Paul, and obviously loads of pro boxers would love the chance. Jake Paul, however, has yet to fight a pro boxer, and while he says he’ll fight someone from the Matchroom stable — Cheavon Clarke was mentioned as a possibility — we’ll believe that when we see it.

Otherwise, in all honesty, Paul handled himself well here. When asked about the Taylor-Serrano fight, he was good in his role as a promoter, paying respect to both fighters and saying both of them deserve the spotlight and payday they’re getting more than anyone. He also fielded a question from a woman who was very nice to him, pointing out her son wearing a Jake Paul shirt and saying Jake had inspired him to take up boxing, which Paul appreciated.

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