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Gervonta Davis vs Rolando Romero: Fighters face off in New York

Mayweather promotions re-starts the festivities for Tank-Rolly.

These two fighters didn’t hold back during today’s press conference in New York.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Lightweights Gervonta Davis and Rolando Romero kicked things off (once again) with another press conference for their May 28th Showtime PPV. As you can see in the video link above, these two still don’t like one another and got into a lengthy heated exchange when they came face to face as part of the promotional build up.

Later, Fight Hub TV would catch up with Romero who didn’t shy away from taking all questions as to why he’s confident he’ll score a swift KO of Davis and why there’s really no other big fight left for him at 135 past this one.

“No, there’s no potential opportunities after this fight,” Romero said. “This is the opportunity, this is the fight. Who the hell am I going to fuckin’ fight? Devin Haney, he’s a fuckin’ bum. Kambosos, I think he’s another fuckin’ bum. Like who else is there to fight? I go after fuckin’ big name fighters that are PPV, I want PPV stars.

“And if I can’t get another PPV star at 135, I’ll get ‘em at ‘40, I’ll get ‘em at ‘47 or ‘54 — I’ll move up wherever. I look like a 160-pounder right now, I look like a built 160-pounder. So I can go to any fuckin’ weight class, I got the body frame to do it.

“The only person that’s a PPV star that isn’t me, Tank — it’s Ryan (Garcia). That’s the only three selling fights. Everybody else, it’s a waste of time. The only way that you become a bigger legend is if you beat people that are big, you know, that are stars.”

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