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Gervonta Davis vs Rolando Romero: New York press conference quotes

Both fighters share their thoughts during today’s new opening press conference.

Mayweather Promotions kicks off the press run for the May 28 PPV.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Mayweather Promotions re-started their push for the officially rescheduled fight between Gervonta Davis and Rolando Romero, set for May 28 at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, airing live on Showtime PPV.

And with both fighters known for not being to fond of one another, it was obvious that the fighters would end up trading words when sitting on stage together. Check out some excerpts from the opening presser below.

“We ready, we been in camp” Davis said about this rescheduled fight with Romero. “This is not the first time we’ve been here. We seen that Rolly choked up in the press conference when lights and shit was in his face, so we’ll come fight night when everybody cheering against him.

“It’s not just the fight, it’s more so everything leading up to the fight. We know that some people made to do it and some people just talk their way through it, so come fight night he gonna have to step up to that plate.”

Brian Custer, who hosted the press conference then asked Davis whether or not this fight with Romero was more business or personal.

“If it was personal they would’ve been packing them up, to be honest,” Davis responded. “The would’ve been packed ya’ll up if it was serious, if it were personal” Davis reiterated to both Romero and his trainer. “I would’ve been — address, [people] at their house.”

That kind of talk drew out some banter between Davis and Romero’s trainer, before Romero was asked about calling this the easiest fight of his career.

“Gervonta keeps talking about these skills and stuff, but I just see his face get swollen up every single fight. He doesn’t really have much skills, he just bullies a bunch of smaller opponents and weight drained opponents. He’s not that special and he’s gonna get knocked out.”

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